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GTA 6 CEO of Take-Two revealed something that made many gamers happy

CEO of Take-Two Interactive Strauss Zelnick revealed something that made many gamers happy about the upcoming game GTA 6.

Strauss Zelnick, the head of Take-Two Interactive, spoke about the recently announced Grand Theft Auto 6 game, that is being developed by Rockstar Games, during his new financial report. The company’s director gave the gamers the promise about GTA VI game, that made many fans happy. Strauss Zelnick recalled the recent failed launch of GTA: The Trilogy, which disappointed fans of the GTA series. The director of Take-Two promised that this will not happen again with Grand Theft Auto 6, as the developers are focused on the quality of the upcoming project.

When asked about the quality of GTA: The Trilogy, Strauss Zelnick made it clear that with GTA 6, the developers will try not to let that happen. “Yes, we are totally focused on quality. Sometimes we fail. An example of this was GTA: The Trilogy. It was released with problems and we had to fix them. As for the future, we focus on quality and have full confidence in our future projects,” confessed the director of Take-Two. Strauss Zelnick also added and said that the game GTA 6 will give gamers “what they want.” That said, Zelnick himself is absolutely thrilled that the Rockstar team is fully working on GTA VI.

GTA 6 game was announced few days ago. So far Rockstar Games has not shared any details about the developing Grand Theft Auto 6.


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