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How To Sell Cars In Gta 5 ?

After a certain stage of the story the sale of TC becomes a very profitable business for the player in “GTA 5”. Especially against the background of the fact that in the network version you can not apply cheat codes and in general, any clever way to “earn” money. In this regard, the theft and sale of cars, although it looks ugly, but is at least an honest, by the standards of the game, way to stay afloat. But to do this you need to know how and to whom it is profitable to sell the car in “GTA 5”.

Where can I sell my car?

How To Sell Cars In Gta 5 ?
At first, in order to sell cars, you will have to follow the phone. A man named Simon will give missions to steal certain models of cars as part of the story. Sometimes the missions are not delayed, and the necessary car is even marked on the map with a green marker so that the player does not waste a lot of time looking for it.

What sells well?

If you think you can steal anything and make a fortune in a couple of days, you’re dead wrong. An excessively expensive car will not buy, and cheap will not bring profit. You need to keep a balance, and that is the secret of making money. We steal cars that fit within the allowable cost and still look presentable: the Obey Rocoto. A family SUV that will bring in $8,500. Lampadati Felon, a stylish sports coupe that will bring in as much as $9,000 when sold. Gallivanter Baller. Large, powerful, and expensive product, for which will pay at least $ 9 thousand. Übermacht Sentinel. Sporty beauty, an analogue of BMW in the game. Looks prestigious, but costs expensive, being stolen – 10 thousand dollars. Lampadati Felon GT. Another convertible sports car. Will pocket 10,000 greenbacks. Rat-Loader. Rare and expensive car of unremarkable, shabby appearance. It will bring even more than $10,000 if it is yellow. Often stands parked in the bay Paletto. In single-player, the prices and conditions do not change, but cars are easier to find because there is no one to compete for them.

Which vehicles are not worth wasting your time On

Some models will not be bought from you under any circumstances. It’s better to run them through the list right away so you don’t have to waste effort and time getting them to the shop. Cars that aren’t for sale:

9F Cabrio;






Cognoscenti Cabrio;



Elegy RH8;

Entity XF;





JB 700;



Rapid GT;

Rapid GT Cabrio;


Stinger GT;

Super Diamond;





Motorcycles not for sale:

How To Sell Cars In Gta 5 ?

Bati 801;
Bati 801RR;
Carbon RS;

Small features

The price of cars is greatly influenced by their condition. If you manage to deliver the vehicle to the buyer without damage, it will be worth the most. Any scratches or dents will reduce the appearance and lower the price. The car will not be bought if it is very expensive and stolen. It is not clear how the game recognizes this nuance, but when the car was honestly purchased with your own blood money, it will be taken. With a stolen car this trick will not work. Also, you can not push cars that were given to the hero for free as part of the story


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