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Gamers are confident that GTA 6 will be announced in 2022

New information on the game GTA 6 from Rockstar Games has leaked into the network, which pleased the many fans who are waiting for the project.

Insiders continue to reveal new information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. The user Tez, who said, that GTA VI will be announced in 2022, revealed new information about the game. The insider pointed to a recent article detailing the cancellation of Bully 2. That article stated that the writers of Bully 2 were planning to make it possible to enter absolutely every building. Insider Tez suggests that this technology could be implemented in GTA 6. Despite the fact that Grand Theft Auto 6’s budget will be greatly increased if Rockstar really wants to make all or almost all buildings in the game free to enter, the insider thinks that the decision will eventually pay off after the release. Fans, for their part, have met the new information positively.

Also, some new information about GTA 6 was shared by the insider, who goes by the nickname AccNgt. Earlier he said, that if GTA VI will not be announced before the end of 2022, then the fans should start worrying about the game. Now AccNgt says that Grand Theft Auto 6 is probably the only Rockstar Games game currently scheduled for release only on the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. It’s worth noting that this has been rumored before. Previous leaks hinted that the game GTA 6 will be released only on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X because of the scale of the project and advanced graphics capabilities.

The GTA 6 game has not yet been announced. However, rumors have recently begun to emerge that the announcement will take place in 2022.

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