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GTA 6 first shot revealed in GTA: San Andreas The Definitive Edition

The first shot of the highly-anticipated GTA 6 game from Rockstar Games was shown in the new game GTA: San Andreas, included to the recent GTA: The Trilogy collection.

The network users massively turned their attention to the possible first shot from the Grand Theft Auto 6 game, that was found in the recently released GTA: San Andreas remaster. Now fans are sure that the developers could have left even more hints about GTA VI in GTA: The Trilogy. So far we are talking about the secret found in the small bar Lil’ Probe’Inn, which can be visited in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The diner has a special wall dedicated to UFO photos. Fans were attracted to one photo with a white house, which many believe may be the first real shot from GTA 6 left by the developers as a surprise for the most attentive players.

GTA 6 first shot revealed in GTA: San Andreas The Definitive Edition

It’s worth noting that all of the UFO footage in Lil’ Probe’Inn Bar is taken from either Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA V, but one shot stands out from them. The image itself depicts a white house with a UFO flying over it. According to fans, this shot does not belong to any of the existing Rockstar games. Given that all the other photos are from other GTA games or Red Dead Redemption, fans assume this shot is from a Grand Theft Auto 6 game. “It has good graphics and looks modern, not like GTA: Vice City, GTA 3, and GTA: San Andreas. I don’t want to say anything about GTA 6, but the frame does look better than the GTA 5 game,” wrote one of the network users. At the same time, some gamers suppose that this picture can be taken from GTA V, but still, nobody knows, where this house is, and so far nobody can find it. That’s why the fans have a theory that this way the developers showed the first frame from GTA 6.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 game has not been announced by Rockstar Games yet. The fans of the series, in turn, continue to look for any hints to GTA 6 in the other games of the company.


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GTA 6 announcement found in the new game Rockstar Games