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Rockstar employee hinted at a possible GTA 6 location

Fans have found confirmation of the location of GTA 6

Fans long awaiting the announcement of the GTA 6 action game from Rockstar Games have noticed how the game was leaked by one of the authors.

gta 6 possible location

Network users turned their attention to one of the executives of Rockstar Games, who seems to have decided to play on gamers’ expectations for Grand Theft Auto 6, soundtrack manager Tony Mesones posted a new photo on his Instagram page in stories showing the South Beach neighborhood in Miami and wrote the following: “Who said it was going to be cold?” Considering that the scene of GTA VI is rumored to be Weiss City, the prototype of which is Miami, fans immediately became active and began looking for a connection between the post of one of the managers of Rockstar and the game GTA 6.

The photo of Tony Mezonese was posted on the Reddit forum, and the fans began to discuss and build theories about it. Most of all the fans were attracted by the fact that the developer noted the Rockstar Games company on the photo. As a result, players speculated that it was another hint at Grand Theft Auto 6. “Why did he mark ‘Rockstar Games’? Was there some event happening in Miami related to them?” one user tried to understand. “If you’re on vacation, why mark your employer in the photo?” another commenter added. “I wouldn’t mark my workplace on vacation either,” noted a third. Thus, some users concluded that the developer is teasing them and alluding to the game GTA 6.

The action game GTA VI has not yet been announced. Moreover, according to the insider Tom Henderson, we can wait for its release no earlier than 2024.

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