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GTA 6 fans predict announcement in 2022

The game Grand Theft Auto 6, which is being developed by Rockstar Games studio and expected by many gamers, has been revealed with the announcement and its date.

Fans of the Rockstar studio, who continue to wait for the action game GTA VI, decided to disclose on their own, when the game’s announcement may take place. One gamer on the forum Reddit asked other network users when in their opinion there could be at least an announcement of GTA 6. “Obviously, no one knows this right now, but I’m wondering what the gaming community’s expectations are,” the user wrote, setting up a vote on the forum. He invited everyone to vote and choose the year from 2021 to 2025 – when most believe Grand Theft Auto 6 will be announced.

What Year Do You Think GTA VI Will Really Be Announced? from r/GTA6

In the new poll, more than 3 thousand users have voted. The leading year is 2022. More than thousands of users think, that GTA VI should be announced in 2022. Little less than thousands of respondents voted for 2021. But it should be mentioned, that the new poll doesn’t show the exact year when GTA VI will be announced, but it really shows, how the gaming community reacts to the leaks and rumors. The majority appeared to expect developers to show GTA 6 only in 2022. In addition, two-thirds of the votes were for 2021 and 2022. This means that fans are hoping for a sooner than a later announcement of the game.

GTA V was released in 2013. So at this point alone, the gap between the release of the fifth part and GTA 6 is 8 years, with the new game not even officially announced.

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