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Treasure Chests Are Hidden Somewhere In GTA Online in Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico is a smuggler’s paradise and has always had an abundance of treasure. It is not surprising that visitors to the island come across chests, both on land and underwater. These treasures can be discovered during The Cayo Perico Heist, so be sure to look for one chest on land and one underwater; there’s always something of value in such chests. Speaking of explorers and treasure hunters: those who find five treasure chests by January 6 will receive an additional reward: $100,000 GTA $.

Additional bonuses

Treasure Chests in Cayo Perico
Want to welcome the year 2021 in new clothes? Log in to GTA Online any day this week and you’ll get a hand-painted Bigness sweater and hand-painted Bigness sports pants, as well as a Sessanta Nove Monogram coloring book for the Übermacht Revolter, custom Vapid Speedo and HVY Menacer. In addition, double the GTA $ and RP for the “Back and forth” antithesis mode is awarded until the end of the week.

Treasure Chests in Cayo Perico

Also still valid are bonuses for exploration, any preliminary mission, and finals.

This week’s prize vehicle: Obey Omnis

In the main lounge of the Diamond Casino Hotel, you can try your luck on the wheel of fortune once a day and win GTA $, RP, clothing, and more. This week’s grand prize is an Obey Omnis in Rally Retro coloring, a reminder of a time when traffic rules and safety standards were more of an insistence.

Treasure Chests in Cayo Perico


If you are looking for comfortable accommodations not only for yourself but also for your vintage sports cars, take note: until January 6 there is a 40% discount on all fashionable apartments and garages. Don’t deny yourself luxury.

Treasure Chests in Cayo Perico
40% off Cheval Taipan
40% discount on Karin Kuruma (armored)

Do you have any parking spaces left? The Cheval Taipan and the armored Karin Kuruma are both 40% off right now. Those who have a warehouse for specials should note that until January 6 there is also a 40% discount on the Jobuilt Phantom Wedge and the BF Ramp Buggy.

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