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Rockstar Games New Year Bonuses

Rockstar Games has announced New Year’s bonuses in GTA Online. All the snow has melted in the state and holiday content has been turned off, but in return, the developers have offered to do a treasure hunt in Cayo Perico and rewarded owners of some vehicles. All offers will be valid until the morning of January 7.

A search of Treasure

Rockstar Games New Year bonuses

Shovel and pick stores are reporting increased demand for their wares – a “treasure fever” has begun on Cayo Perico. Once a day, you can find up to two treasure chests. The value of each chest is estimated at $15,000GTA$. When you collect all the treasure, you will receive an in-game reward and a cash bonus.

The treasure can only be searched for on the island during exploration, not during El Rubio’s robbery.

Increased GTA$ payments

It’s another week of doubled GTA$ payments and reputation points for participating in the “Back and forth” antagonism. The strange decision of the developers, because they have a lot of more interesting modes, for which you can assign increased payments.

Transport gift coloring books

Visit GTA Online before January 7 and get a great “Sessanta Nove Monogram” coloring book for the fast four-seater sports car Übermacht Revolter, a custom version of the Vapid Speedo van, and the Menacer armored car.

Free Sportswear

Log in to GTA Online any day until January 7, and get a free set of clothes consisting of a sweater and Bigness sports pants with tie-dye coloring. New items can be tried on in the clothing store.

Prize vehicles


Rockstar Games New Year bonuses
Try your luck. Diamond Casino has free access to the Wheel of Fortune. You can only spin it once a day. Try to win GTA$, reputation points, clothing, secret prizes, or prize vehicles.

Rockstar Games has updated the prize vehicles on the podium. Obey Omnis is a four-wheel-drive rally sports car. The car is based on the unbeatable and dangerous Audi Quattro, which dominated rallying in the 1980s.


Real Estate

  • Luxury apartments – 40% discount,
  • Garages – 40% discount.


  • Ramp Buggy – 40% discount,
  • Karin Kuruma armored sports car – 40% discount,
  • Phantom Wedge tractor with a dozer blade – 40% off,
  • the Cheval Taipan supercar – 40% off.

The Time Trial – Coast to Coast

A time trial can bring you up to $104,000GTA. You will be paid $100,000 GTA$ + $1,000GTA$ to $4,000GTA$ for the difficulty of the course. Time trials are the best way to demonstrate your quest for records or to earn over $100,000GTA quickly.

RC Time Trial – “Construction Site I”

RC Bandito owners can participate in a special time trial.

RC Bandito ownership is only available if you have a garage in the Maze Bank arena workshop. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website and purchase an RC Bandito.

An RC time trial can bring you up to $104,000GTA. You will be paid $100,000GTA once for conquering the required time + $1,000GTA to $4,000GTA for the difficulty of the course.

Premium race – “Senora Highway” (for supercars only)

To participate in the premium race, you must pay a starting fee of $20,000GTA. Drive into the yellow circle with the $ symbol or use the “Quick Game” via your phone (Start Quick Game → Active Premium Race) and join the competition. Each victory in the race will bring – $100,000GTA$, second place – $30,000GTA$, third place – $20,000GTA$, and triple reputation points for all racers.

Premium races activate the settings: interception, airbag, and no-contact mode. You can increase your chances of winning by choosing top cars in classes to race in GTA Online.

Special bonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Every month until GTA Online is released on PlayStation 5, PS Plus and PS4 version owners will receive $1,000,000GTA. This month’s giveaway will last until the morning of Feb. 1. Then another million will be accrued – and so on until release.


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