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New: Vapid Slamtruck, every stuntman’s dream

Due to a recent string of accidents related to this model, Vapid reminds potential buyers: you may encounter idiots on the highways who will try to use your Slamtruck as a springboard. See the car behind you picking up speed? For God’s sake, get down! The Vapid Slamtruck can be purchased at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Double the GTA $ and RP for a series of bunker quests

Who wants to have fun from the heart, he chooses the underground. We invite you to go down into the bowels of the earth and have a showdown in the middle of a high-tech shelter, where you can survive a thermonuclear doomsday. As much as you like it, it’s a relaxing thing to do! What’s especially gratifying is that all types of underground battles in the bunker quest series now accrue double payouts.

Double GTA $ and RP for weapons sales jobs

If you prefer to operate on the surface, you can always sell a batch or two in weapons sales jobs: double the GTA $ and RP for them by the end of the week. Meeting demand has never been so pleasant! And if your lab rats can’t keep up with your orders, keep in mind: we’ve also doubled the development speed of projects in the bunker until January 27th inclusive.

A faded Vapid t-shirt as a gift

Loyalty to a brand is a valuable quality these days. As a token of your loyalty, all players who updated their closet with a Vapid t-shirt during a previous GTA Online event will also receive a faded version of this t-shirt for free. Collectors are willing to shell out a lot of money for such rarities, so treat your new acquisition with the proper respect.

Prize vehicle: the custom Vapid Peyote

As you climb out of your enormous penthouse bedroom bed, head into the main lounge of the Diamond Casino Hotel and try your luck on the wheel of fortune. This week you could win the keys to a custom Vapid Peyote, an old-school lowrider that’s incredibly easy to steal.

Prime Gaming

Players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will get free access to the Kosatka submarine sonar station, as well as $200,000 of GTA $ if they log in any day this week. In addition, there are exclusive discounts for Prime Gaming subscription holders: this week, 80% off Pegassi Osiris and 70% off Progen PR4. If you’d like to receive these bonuses, visit the Prime Gaming page and sign up.


Those who want to disappear from the eyes of the authorities should take note that this week there are discounts on bunkers and modifications for them, as well as a number of vehicles: if you fill your garage with nice cars, you will not be so lonely in your spacious underground lair. See below for a full list of discounts.

40% discount on HVY APC
40% off Vapid Caracara and Vapid Caracara 4×4
40% off Vapid GB200
40% discount on all hoppers
25% off Vapid Winky
30% discount on bunker modifications

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