Why people started flipping PS5 ?

PlayStation 5 users began to flip the console to get rid of the noise that occurs in it. One of the first owners of the console from Sony left a message on the forum NeoGaf about the problem with the sounds from the cooler during the game.

One of the first owners of PlayStation 5 from NeoGaf forum with the nickname mili2110 noticed that his console began to have a noisy cooler when running. As an experiment, he tried putting it horizontally, but upside down – and it helped, the noise disappeared.

flipping ps5

User mili2110 took this step after Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, posted a video of an upside-down PS5 on his Twitter. When readers noticed it and started making jokes about it, he cropped the bottom part of the video, which shows the console. Whether Hulst encountered the noise or accidentally installed the PS5 incorrectly is unknown.

Most likely, that NeoGaf forum user just got a defect – the console should be virtually silent. At most, there are complaints about the quiet hum of the throttles from the power supply, but you can hear them only in complete silence.

PlayStation 5 appeared on November 12 and immediately became scarce, and so far the console is not available on the open market and cannot even be pre-ordered. There is a basic version with a disc drive and a diskless model. At the same time, the PS4 and PS4 Pro remain on sale, and new games will be released for them for a few more years.

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