Nico Bellick With New graphics GTA 4

Instead of the new expected game GTA 6 from Rockstar Games showed a new remake of GTA 4 with Liberty City and Nico Bellick. The frames of the new project showed the protagonist GTA IV with indistinguishable graphics and incredible detail.

Enthusiast Hossein Diba in anticipation of the new Grand Theft Auto 6 presented what would look like the protagonist Nico Bellick from GTA 4 in a new remake with photorealistic graphics. According to the author, the game GTA IV is very important for the series, because it was in this project appeared graphics and physics of the modern look on the engine RAGE, which was used in all future projects of the studio Rockstar Games. Perhaps the future GTA 6 will also work on an updated and improved version of this advanced engine.


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On the frames of GTA 4, the Remake author showed a realistic model of Nico Bellick with maximum detail and even compared it with the original version from the developers. Despite the fact that visually in GTA 4 was made a great leap in graphics quality, in comparison, you can see what an impressive work is done by the enthusiast. The new version of Nico Bellick boasts the elaboration of individual hairs in the beard, detailed pupils, and the surface of the skin. It is possible that at this level will be made models of key characters in the expected GTA VI.

Previously, Hossein Diba showed his models dedicated to the protagonists of previous games in the series: Carl Johnson (CJ) from GTA: San Andreas and Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City. It is still unknown whether any of the characters familiar to gamers will return to the future GTA 6, the release of which is expected in the coming years.

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