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How Much Did it Cost To Make GTA 5 ?

“Grand Theft Auto V” is a huge project, the release of which was awaited by gamers from all over the world. Of course, the budget of “Grand Theft Auto 5” was simply exorbitant against the background of other similar products in 2013. In many ways, it exceeds even the amount spent on the production of Hollywood blockbusters. So how much did it cost to make “GTA 5,” and did it pay off?

The budget spent on the creation of GTA 5

The game “Grand Theft Auto 5” was released in 2013 and was first available to owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. After a couple of years, the project reached the owners of the PC. However, the announcement took place in 2011, and that’s when the main infusion of development began. How Much Did it Cost To Make GTA 5
There is no official data on how much it cost to develop “GTA 5”. Rockstar employees are hiding the information, because it may affect the perception of the project. But from reliable sources, we know for sure, that “GTA 5” cost $265 million.

Interesting fact. The infusion into “GTA 5” hasn’t stopped. The game continues to evolve. Soon it will be released on PS5 as well as Xbox One X and Xbox One S, so the specified amount is growing.

How big was the budget? To answer that question, you have to compare the infusion of “Grand Theft Auto V” with other major projects:

  • “Final Fantasy VII,” $170 million;
  • “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” $200 million;
  • “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” $250 million;
  • “World of Warcraft,” $260 million;
  • “Destiny,” $250 million

It turns out that the budget of “GTA V” is big, but not so big as to be considered a record. The shooter “Destiny”, released a year later, surpassed Rockstar’s brainchild by this indicator. Since then, the value of the games did not cross the threshold of $ 200.000.000. But the upcoming GTA 6 is likely to be the most expensive project ever and surpasses its competitors.

How Much Did it Cost To Make GTA 5

“GTA 5” revenue for the first 24 hours If Rockstar is hiding budget information, it’s no surprise that the fees have been classified as well. But nothing can escape Take-Two Interactive’s insiders, who have revealed the secrets. According to the source, the developers of “GTA” received $800 million on the first day after the launch of sales. This amount is three times more than all the money spent on development. The project was incredibly successful even though the game was initially released only on the console. Before the game, Rockstar kept in the leaders another popular development – “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”. It also exceeded its budget several times over, with first-day revenue of $500,000,000.

How much the game has earned over time The only thing the developers can tell about their project is the number of copies sold. To assess the scale of popularity of the fifth part of the “great car thief”, it is enough to compare the indicators of its predecessors:

  • “GTA III” – 17.5 million copies;
  • “Vice City” – 20 million;
  • “San Andreas” 27.5 million;
  • “GTA IV” 25 million;
  • “GTA 5” – 90 million.

“GTA 5” tripled the performance of its predecessors, which had an impact on overall revenue. According to figures for Spring 2020, the Rockstar project brought in $6 billion in net income. And the amount continues to grow due to game sales and in-game purchases.

How Much Did it Cost To Make GTA 5

Such earnings are due to several factors. This is a discussion of the game in social networks, and the positive reaction of critics, and the development of the online mode. The developers have recently focused on the online mode, as gamers continue to invest in additional content, despite the fact that they have already paid money to buy “GTA 5”.

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