GTA ONLINE Christmas 2020

Rockstar Games wishes everyone a happy Christmas and opens a week of special bonuses and discounts in GTA Online. All offers will be valid until the morning of December 31.

The holidays are coming to us
Los Santos and Blaine County have been snowed in – a brief winter in GTA Online has begun. Weather forecasters reported that the frosty weather will linger until the first of January 2021.

GTA ONLINE Christmas 2020

Take a photo with your friends at the big Christmas tree located in Legion Square, but before you do, don’t forget to visit the clothing store – a festive collection of items is once again available there. Wrap up and run off to play snowballs – this activity is once again available to all players!

GTA ONLINE Christmas

Play GTA Online this week and through December 31, and you’ll receive gifts from Rockstar:

  • A new mask with bright stitching,
  • A red Bleeder Christmas sweater,
  • A green Cluckin Christmas sweater,
  • “Tartan” coloring for Ocelot Ardent, Buckingham Akula and Karin Technical Custom,
  • “Candy Cane” coloring for Comet Safari, HVY APC and HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom,
  • A gift set consisting of a pyrotechnic rig and 20 charges for it, a snack and armor set, 25 sticky
  • Bombs, 25 grenades, 10 non-contact mines, and 10 Molotov cocktails.

GTA ONLINE Christmas

Plus get the new Grotti Brioso 300, which you’ll find for free on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website until December 31.

Access to the map and sports car is open

From now on the new leader of GTA Online sports cars is available, its name sounds like Grotti Itali RSX. This representative of his class is the fastest, most tenacious, and stable. It will easily beat the previous leader – Itali GTO. In addition, the novelty has an obvious advantage – four-wheel drive. This fact allows the RSX sports car to accelerate faster without unnecessary slippage and loss of time. Players should appreciate the novelty, which will provide users with a good mood and a lot of victories in all kinds of tests of the world of GTA Online.

Together with the Itali RSX, another vehicle has been opened for players – the Dinka Veto Modern. As you can see, it is a modern version of the road-ring map. Its cost is almost one million game dollars. In addition, you won’t be able to use the card as intended, because the developers forgot to add a series of competitions “Go-Kart”. It is to hope that in the near future Rockstar Games will pay attention to this oversight. Or maybe the developers intentionally did not open access to go-kart racing, leaving this event for next year?

New radio stations and new tasks

New radio stations and new tasks

Meet two new radio stations. Artists from Palms Trax and Keinemusik will now DJ at a nightclub called Music Locker. Also, a secret radio station called Still Slipping began broadcasting in Los Santos. Since then, its waves have been spreading all over the area, not just near Maddow Park. You haven’t repaired your 10 antennas yet? Then it’s time to get down to it because this time the developers are promising not only money and reputation but also new stuff! Here’s a clip that will help you quickly find all the broken antennas:

When the player completes Keinemusik’s tasks, he will be rewarded with a special vehicle of English Dave, who was taken hostage by El Rubio. Now the unfortunate English is tormented in an iron cage. This is what payback looks like for his frivolous intentions to linger at a party in Cayo Perico.

Prize Transport Updated

Prize transport updated

It’s time to go to the test of your luck. As always, access to the wheel of fortune is open to everyone every day. Try to win not only money and reputation points but also a bigger prize, a car on the casino’s podium. This week it’s the Progen Tyrus. You’re looking at a state-of-the-art supercar that’s sure to be among the other items in your car collection.

New Year’s discounts

Once again Rockstar Games is having a moveable and immovable property sale. This week GTA Online players are offered to buy offices and repairs for them at a 40% discount.

Also, the following vehicles will get a 40% discount: supercars Ocelot Penetrator, Coil Rocket Voltic and Pegassi Tempesta, sports car Pfister Comet SR, quad bike Blazer Aqua, able to swim on the water.

New Year’s Eve Challenges

The first challenge is called Tongva Valley. It is a race against the clock, which can bring the winner up to $104,000. To do this, the player must reach the finish line before the allotted time runs out. For conquering the record time you will receive 100,000 game dollars, and up to $4,000 will be awarded for the difficult parts of the track and cleanliness of their passage. Such tests provide an excellent opportunity to earn good money in a short time.

The second challenge is only available to owners of RC cars. A race called “Power Plant” can also bring the player up to $104,000 in total in just a few minutes. To do this, the racer must complete the entire course and reach the finish line before the countdown is over. Buying an RC car is fairly easy: you must have room in your workshop garage to do so, and the RC Bandito itself is available on the in-game website.

The third challenge is called “The Whirlpool”. Only those who have their own muscle car can take part in this competition. But one car is not enough to become a contestant. You will also be required to pay a starting capital of $20,000. That money is not refundable, but you could earn $100,000 if you finish first. A distinctive feature of this challenge is that you can race multiple times and earn.


We also remind you that in premium races, you can take advantage of the settings for interception, non-contact mode, and air bagging. Increasing your chances of winning is easy, by choosing the best cars in the class involved in the race.

Information for affiliate program participants

Traditionally, Rockstar Games doesn’t forget about its partners. This week, players who participate in the RG Social Club program with Twitch Prime receive:

– $200,000 for three days;

– free sonar for a submarine;

– the opportunity to purchase an HVY Nightshark armored car as well as Progen Itali GTB and GTB Custom supercars for just 20% off the original price.

These perks are only available to those who link their accounts before the end of this year.

Also a reminder of the ongoing one million GTA$ giveaway, which all PS Plus and PS4-version subscription holders receive each month. This will last until GTA Online is released for the PlayStation 5 console.




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