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Changes in GTA Online After The Release Of Cayo Perico

The salutes for the biggest update to GTA Online in seven years have been thundering away. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the changes that took place in the multiplayer, and how Rockstar Games’ advertising department screwed over the entire GTA community.

Perhaps I’ll start with the main disappointment of the “Robbery of Cayo Perico” update – the availability of the island Online. In all the materials, Rockstar Games touted the upcoming island, calling it a point of attraction for players. But in fact, Rockstar gives access to the island only in two cases: during the robbery and dancing to the rhythms of DJs.

If during the preparation and raid of El Rubio’s mansion you can still climb around the island, exploring its attractions (there’s a lot to see, take pictures and send pictures to “Uncle Pasha”, who will delight you with entertaining stories), then when you fly to the island for a party – you have a small beach, where you can dance or buy drinks at the bar.

GTA Online Cayo Perico

The island itself is implemented by the interior, which leads to a terrible drop in frame rate (an old problem of GTA Online). In fact, the island is loaded into the game for the duration of tasks, eating up system resources. In terms of size, Cayo Perico occupies just over two in-game kilometers.

Robbing Cayo Perico

GTA Online Cayo Perico

Robbing Cayo Perico is a pleasure. For the first time ever, Rockstar Games allows you to rob an entire island by yourself! The net loot can come out to $2,000,000GTA$! This automatically renders all businesses useless, from selling special cargo to robbing the Diamond Casino! All preparation missions and the final heist takes up to an hour and a half! In addition, the developers have tried and made several scenarios that can change right during the final raid. In general, who decided to earn in GTA Online, then the first thing to save up for the submarine “Kosatka”.

Kosatka Submarine

GTA Online Cayo Perico

“Kosatka” is your new hand-held headquarters that destroys all life within a radius of up to four kilometers! Curl your fingers: endless torpedoes to fight submarine targets, air defense missiles, and ballistic guided missiles (bur)! While aboard the “Kosatka” in the ocean, you can attack any player BUR, and in case of danger quickly sink to the bottom and thus disappear from the radar of the players. Rockstar provided a one minute recharge time between BUR shots, but since the submarine has two launch consoles, players shoot missiles without long recharges.

The submarine will cost a minimum of $2,200,000GTA and a maximum of up to $10,000,000GTA, but considering how quickly the money comes in after the Cayo Perico raids, that money will be quickly recouped.

Rockstar Games once said that they could introduce anything in their GTA Online universe. First, they added flying cars, then flying motorcycles in two iterations, and finally a submarine capable of destroying any business, any delivery in seconds. “Thank you,” developers!


GTA Online Cayo Perico

There are several ways to deal with underwater pirates these days, but we suggest that each of you find your own tactics to counteract the harmful submarines. By the way, did you know that the BUR can be detonated by firing an automatic weapon? Only you will have no more than three seconds to make a decision!

Finally, perhaps the most memorable component of the update is tons of new music! Lots of new DJs, music tracks, and as many as three radio stations! While playing “Robbery of Cayo Perico” I couldn’t stop thinking: Rockstar is making an update for the sake of promoting new DJs. They did that in Nightlife, and that experience was considered a success. Perhaps such collaboration brings benefits to musicians and developers, but the quality of the content suffers!

Remember how in Nightlife, you did interesting tasks of introducing and delivering DJs to your nightclub? What did you do here? The tasks all boil down to the typical delivery guy, from delivering slippers (no, that’s not a joke) to finding pebbles. Uh, Rockstar may have been limited in developing updates because of the all-too-familiar covid-19 pandemic, but damn it – slippers for the DJ?! They had time to work out the scenario, develop missions, but they limited themselves to a typical GTA’s delivery and not even involving DJ.


GTA Online Cayo Perico

Let’s talk about the content that brings so much excitement to the average player. Let’s start with weapons – all three kinds and they are very expensive. It now seems to be the new prices for weapons in Ammu-Nation stores. From the beginning, you have access to a military rifle (a reworked version of the AUG from the beta version of GTA: Vice City). Then, after going through the robbery once, you will have access to the combat shotgun (Spaz-12) and the Perico gold pistol (P08-Luger). You can buy the combat shotgun if you find one and pick it up on the grounds of the mansion. The golden Perico pistol you will get only when you find the drunken guard in a free session (shown as a blue dot) and take the key from the box on El Rubio’s table.

Clothes And Masks

GTA Online Cayo Perico

A collection of 180 items for different characters has appeared in clothing and mask stores. Most of these are bright, tropical colorings of clothing and equipment. Tattoo parlors have expanded their assortment by 30 new tattoos, and barbershops have received nine military face colorings. Finally, six new actions were added to the game.

And what’s an update without new vehicles? Here Rockstar Games have shown their great ability in balance: they introduced a high-altitude stealth bomber Alkonost (Tu-160), but reduced the bomb load, leaving 50 bombs against 100 bombs in Volatol’a. But this was not enough for them, so they removed the turret guns. An expensive plane with the ability to drop bombs.

But instead of the flying behemoth, they give us the opportunity to buy Pegassi Toreador – another underwater vehicle, but with a number of differences from Ocelot Stromberg. First, it has constantly replenishing acceleration, like the Scramjet. Second, it has infinite rockets. Third, the usual icon, not the special paramilitary transport icon. Now imagine that you are an ordinary player, minding your own business and not suspecting that a Toreador with missiles like the Oppressor MkII is heading towards you! The Killer Machine is the nickname of the new underwater vehicle.

And so it is with almost every new vehicle. Something of a novelty is permanently glued to the Kosatka submarine, and you have no choice there whether to put the Sea Sparrow or the Stromberg in the hangar. You can only store the Sparrow (a Sea clone) and the Toreador there. Do you feel the famous Rockstar’s logic?

In addition to the content, the developers worked very hard to fix bugs and inaccuracies. According to them, they fixed some problems, which led to memory leaks, frozen images, stuck in a black screen during the transfer of money.

They also reduced the frequency of calls, texts, and emails from in-game characters asking to buy some property/business or complete some task.

And finally, after seven years, GTA 5’s splash screens are now showing the weapon stores correctly.

To summarize, I would give this update a solid four. Players got a development theme of robbery, which can be done alone (but why can’t we still rob bank branches Fleeca like grocery stores), new vehicles, weapons, music, and a bunch of different cosmetic tinsel. But more and more Rockstar Games is actually forcing you to buy expensive stuff, making the player addicted to GTA$. All of their tricks, tricks come down to one thing – you don’t want to earn, buy virtual “Shark” cards.


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