GTA: Vice City With New Graphic

Instead of a completely new GTA 6 from Rockstar Games, the network showed a new remake of GTA: Vice City with the most perfect graphics, indistinguishable from reality. The new footage showed the game protagonist Tommy Vercetti, who has never looked so believable.

The frames of GTA: Vice City for the new generation showed enthusiast artist Hossein Diba, posting his work online. Modeller created the protagonist of the game Weiss City – Tommy Vercetti, showing what would look like a hero in the new remake of GTA: Vice City for the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In the images, the protagonist of GTA: Vice City is shown as realistic as possible, and its detail includes individual hairs on the beard, reflections in the eyes, and pores on the skin. According to the author, the original GTA: Vice City, he could not even play by himself, and only watched in the halls of slot machines, as the game for hours played by others on PlayStation 2.

Fans of GTA: Vice City were impressed by what they saw, and praised the author for his quality work. In comments noted that the new model is very similar to the original, and looks really like it was taken from GTA: Vice City Remake with ultra-realistic graphics. Many people said that this is what they remember the main character of the game from their childhood. Others suggested that next time the author will depict a realistic version of Carl Johnson (CJ) from GTA: San Andreas. Fans also hoped that the characters of the future GTA 6 will offer a similar level of elaboration and detail.

Despite frequent rumors that the work is GTA: Vice City Remastered, the developers themselves have not yet presented the project, in addition, at the moment Rockstar Games has not released a remaster or remake of their past games. Players have to wait for the release of the new GTA 6, the release of which should take place in the coming years.

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