GTA: San Andreas Raised The Graphics To GTA 6 level

Instead of the eagerly awaited players of the new GTA 6 game from Rockstar Games, they showed a new remake of the iconic GTA game: San Andreas with photorealistic graphics and C.J.’s main character, who looks like he’s alive.

GTA San Andreas graphics

Instead of frames from GTA 6, fans of the cult series of games showed a new remake of GTA: San Andreas, in which the protagonist Carl Johnson (C.J.) looks as if taken from the real world. Enthusiast Hossein Diba decided to create from scratch a model of the protagonist of GTA: SA, and show what C.J. would look like on the next-generation platforms with next-level graphics. Now the main character of GTA: San Andreas received incredible detail, which was impossible in the games until recently.


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According to the author of the new work for GTA: San Andreas, this time he wasn’t trying to keep the maximum authenticity and similarity to the original CJ because it would be difficult to make such a realistic version. The enthusiast called his project one of the most challenging he had worked on, but overall he was satisfied with the results and believes that models of this level would be suitable for the future GTA VI. Fans of the original game GTA: SA were amazed by the quality of the new main character, and also noted some features that the developer was able to save in the new version.

Earlier Hossein Diba showed a model of the main character Tommy Vercetti for the new remake of GTA: Vice City with the latest graphics. Unfortunately for many fans, Rockstar Games has not released a single remake of their own previously released games, and therefore fans are looking forward to the next game Grand Theft Auto 6.

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