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GTA 6 Revealed The Main Character

Well-known voice actor, who played the main character in the last major game from Rockstar Games, revealed what players should expect about GTA 6 Main Character, which is the most coveted among players. According to the performer, the project will be quite different from what many people think.

gta 6 main character

The actor Roger Clark (Roger Clark), who gave his voice to the main character of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan, in a new interview touched on the expectations of Grand Theft Auto VI among gamers. According to the actor, the next part of the cult series GTA 6 may be quite different from previous major releases from developers. Clark himself has been working on Red Dead Redemption 2 for several years and believes that it is very difficult to release such a large project, and therefore the probability that in the next few years, gamers will expect something like this, is very small. The actor thinks that Rockstar has made the right decision to reduce the scope of future developments and to release content for them gradually. Performer of the role of Arthur Morgan believes that it will eventually prove beneficial to all, including players.

Roger Clarke suggested that in GTA 6 developers can return large single add-ons, which the studio released for their projects in the past. This will allow the authors of GTA VI to bring the story closer to popular television shows, and make cliffhangers an important tool that will spur the interest of players and encourage them to return to the game after the release of additions. Roger Clark advised players to believe in the ability of Rockstar Games, which will not disappoint fans with Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, this studio has already proved that one project can satisfy the interests of both fans of single-story games, and online entertainment with friends. In this case, the release of the game in parts will further expand the audience of the future GTA 6, said Roger Clark. After all, this approach will allow players as if to tune the project to their needs, choosing the content that interests them in the first place.

Earlier publisher of GTA 6, the company Take-Two has already noted the restructuring within Rockstar, due to which such major games as Red Dead Redemption 2, is unlikely to be released in the future. Instead, the company wants to release the games more often, making them smaller in scale, or to release them in parts, engaged in development and support of the project for a long time. Therefore, initially, GTA VI should be a game smaller than GTA 5 and RDR 2, but in the coming years, the project will grow significantly.

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