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GTA 6 Graphics

The famous game GTA 5, created by Rockstar Games, showed with completely new realistic graphics, which many compared to the GTA 6 graphics, which has long been waiting for gamers.

On YouTube, there is a new video, which showed the game Grand Theft Auto V with the most realistic graphics. The author of the YouTube channel GTA Workshop, who shared the new video, noted that this may look like the graphics in the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto VI, which is developing Rockstar. The author also added that the graphics of GTA V on his video looks so good that it reminds real life. It is also worth noting that the new video action Grand Theft Auto 5 works with a resolution of 8K, and also uses ray tracing. In general, the author showed almost 9 minutes of gameplay, showing viewers the latest graphics level of Grand Theft Auto 6.

In the description under the video, the author explained that he managed to achieve the level of GTA 6 graphics in the game GTA 5 with a graphic modification called NaturalVision Evolved (NVE). At the same time, YouTube noted that this development is not yet fully completed and is at an early access stage. Thus, over time, the graphics capabilities of Grand Theft Auto 5 may become even better. In this case, the modification of NaturalVision Evolved has already received numerous changes. Were improved weather conditions, lighting system, colors, textures, models and much more. The author of the video notes that the modification will be further developed to โ€œerase the line between fiction and reality.

The game GTA VI has not yet been officially announced. Given the huge interest in the GTA series, gamers continue to improve GTA 5 in many different ways, making its graphics better and more realistic. In this case, many fans assume that GTA 6 will have to look at least like Grand Theft Auto 5 with modifications.


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