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Fans GTA 5 found the perfect place to fight off the police

While waiting for GTA 6 games fans of Rockstar Games continue to explore the world of action GTA 5. This time they have found the ideal place to fight off a police raid.

GTA 5 found the perfect place to fight off the police

The user of the game forum Reddit with the nickname Death_By_Diarrhea shared with fans of Grand Theft Auto 5 their find. He found that the residential building Eclipse Lodge in the Burton area (West Winwood) is the ideal position for battles with the police. GTA V players who want to blow off steam, he advised to climb on the roof of this building and start shooting at passers-by and passing cars. The police will not be able to get him. For some reason, law enforcement officers can not normally use the stairs at Eclipse Lodge.

Eclipse Lodge from gtaonline

GTA 5 player gets an advantage because of the height and can easily shoot them off for a very long time.
Fans of Grand Theft Auto V agreed that this is a very convenient position to fight with waves of police.

Fans GTA 5 found the perfect place to fight off the police

However, they noted that it will not be easy to stay there alone. At some point, the police will come to the aid of special forces in helicopters. At that moment, the roof of Eclipse Lodge will no longer be a safe place. Fans of GTA 5 offered to try this position in the team in online mode, in order to be able to shoot down all the arriving helicopters together.

Action GTA 5 was released in 2013 and still remains one of the most popular games. Fans are looking forward to the announcement of the next part of Grand Theft Auto 6, but the developers from Rockstar Games are not yet in a hurry with it. Gamers have to look for new options for entertainment in the virtual open world and create a variety of fashion pending the release of GTA VI.


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