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Trailer GTA 6 with indistinguishable graphics shown in “The main character”.

20th Century Studios company presented a new trailer of the movie “The Main Hero” with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. According to many viewers, the project is a free screen adaptation of the cult game GTA 5, and some even compared the movie with the long-awaited GTA 6 Trailer.

Trailer GTA 6

The movie “The main character” tells about a simple guy who is an NPC in a video game and lives in a fake world. Having fallen in love with a beautiful girl who is played by a real person, the Guy finds the strength to become a real hero, and to attract the attention of the game creators to a simple game character, which acts in a different way than it was programmed. In the trailer “The main character” showed the madness that is constantly happening in a large virtual city, and the residents no longer even pay attention to the constant destruction, explosions, robberies, and murders. Because of this, many viewers compare the movie “The Main Hero” with a screen version of GTA 5 Online from Rockstar Games, which is also constantly happening similar things.
In the comments, the audience wrote that the trailer of the movie “The main character” looks like “GTA 6 Trailer of their dreams, which they are already tired of waiting”. Others even noted similarities in the name of cities: in “The main character” the city is called Free City, which reminds Liberty City of GTA 4. The creators of the film note that the film will be a huge number of references and Easter to a variety of video games, and a large number of them can be found in already published trailers “Main Hero”.

The main role in “The Main Hero” was played by the famous actor Ryan Reynolds, best known as Deadpool of the same name Marvel comic book movies. The actor also starred in such projects as “The Ghost Six”, “Pokémon. Detective Pikachu”, “The Bodyguard of the Killer”, “Phantom Patrol” and many others.

The main roles in the movie “The Main Hero” were also filmed by Tyka White, Jody Comer, and Joe Kiri. The picture “The Main Hero” is expected to be released in cinemas from December 10, 2020. So far, the authors are planning to release the film at this time, although the release of the picture may still be postponed to a later date.

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