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Instead of GTA 6, There is a new GTA 5 Remastered

In the new video, players showed modern graphics in GTA V Remastered, which looks much more realistic than the usual version of GTA 5. Fans have admitted that would be happy to have such a level of graphics in the future Grand Theft Auto VI.

Instead of GTA 6There is a new GTA 5 Remastered

A new video with an updated game GTA 5 Remastered showed on YouTube, impressing fans of the cult series of quality and realistic picture. The author of the video under the nickname OreoShaman presented his updated assembly Realism Beyond Graphics MOD 1.0.2 for the game GTA 5, which raises the original graphics to a new level. Now the cult open-world project offers natural and believable lighting, high detail with extended range graphics, and much more that will surely be realized in the release version of GTA 6 from Rockstar Games.

Fans of GTA 5 enthusiastically reacted to the new video, so the video with the latest version of GTA 5 Remastered has collected several hundred likes and only a few dislikes. In comments, users noticed that in order to make the new GTA 5 Remastered look like a new generation game only a larger number of people and cars on the streets of the city are missing. Others called the project’s graphics perfect and regretted that they could never play such a GTA V on their PC. Some even wrote that GTA 6 may not come out because modders are already ahead of the quality of graphics in the future project.

In addition to a full-fledged GTA 6 for the next generation, developers from Rockstar Games are planning to release an updated version of GTA 5 for the new generation of gaming platforms. The project will receive new graphics improvements and other changes, and the project release is expected in 2021. It is not known when the company plans to release Grand Theft Auto 6.

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