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Instead of GTA 6 shows GTA: Vice City 2 with a new engine

Instead of the new game, Grand Theft Auto 6 from the company Rockstar Games showed frames of the new project GTA: Vice City 2, which received realistic graphics on the new graphics engine.

Instead of GTA 6 shows GTA: Vice City 2 with a new engine

RevTeam developers team showed new frames of their project GTA: Vice City 2, which is a complete remake of the game GTA: Vice City on the new graphics engine RAGE, first used in GTA 4, and which also runs GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. This approach has allowed the creators to implement a believable picture with high detail, and make GTA: Vice City a real gift for fans of the original, who for many years waiting for a full remake or remaster game from Rockstar. All the advantages of the new engine, the authors clearly demonstrated the new screenshots. In the shots, you can see some locations and vehicles that will be available to the hero Tommy Vercetti in the game.

GTA: Vice City 2 with a new engine
Developers from RevTeam assured players that in his project GTA: Vice City 2 they will not only recreate the city of Weiss City from the original with a high degree of accuracy, but on the new engine, but also add all the missions in the game, making the project a complete remake, in no way inferior to the original. In addition, the authors announced that this year, gamers will be able to play a demo version. Currently, the team is busy polishing the project and refining it. According to the developers, in the near future, they will layout the gameplay trailer game and announce the date of the trial version on your PC.

Vice City 2

It is not yet known whether the RevTeam team will be able to fully complete the development of GTA: Vice City 2 and release the project, or whether they will have difficulties with copyright ownership and pressure from Take-Two and Rockstar, as it often happens. Currently, the authors of the original Vice City are developing the game GTA 6, although the official announcement of the project has not yet been.


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