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Instead of GTA 6 ,GTA: San Andreas Retextured Came Out By Graphics Quality

Instead of the new Grand Theft Auto VI game series, fans showed the latest realistic graphics in the cult game GTA: San Andreas, which now looks completely different from the original project Rockstar Games.

gta 6 GTA : San Andreas Retextured

Waiting for GTA 6, an impressive new graphics in GTA: San Andreas showed on YouTube channel Anggi Hermawan. The author of the video used the latest assembly of graphic mods to recreate the open world of San Andreas, completely replacing all the textures, models, and adding support for new graphic effects in the project. As a result, the updated version of GTA: San Andreas Retextured looks almost at the level of modern projects, and it is difficult to recognize the original game released 17 years ago.

With Ethmods’ new build, GTA: San Andreas Retextured includes a host of advanced graphics effects, realistic clouds and water, realistic lighting with a believable atmosphere, detailed textures and models, and more. In addition, the new fashion is fully compatible with other iconic GTA San Andreas mods, combining them to deliver even more impressive results. However, this quality build requires a lot of performance from your PC, so only those with powerful, advanced configurations will be able to play consistently.

In comments to the new video, users were impressed by the level of quality that GTA enthusiasts have achieved: San Andreas Retextured. Some wrote that they seriously thought that the game now runs on the engine of Unreal Engine 4 because the project looks very impressive. Others wrote that the video from GTA: San Andreas Retextured looks much better than their expectations and impressions of what the game looked like 17 years ago.

While the players are waiting for the announcement and the first GTA 6 trailer, which should be presented by Rockstar Games in the coming years. The game Grand Theft Auto 6 is being developed for the new generation of platforms, and therefore the expectations of gamers are extremely high.

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