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Instead of GTA 6 ,GTA 4 Redux with New Graphics

Instead of the hotly anticipated players, Grand Theft Auto VI from Rockstar Games on the network showed the game GTA 4 Redux, which received new graphics unprecedented realism with support for ray tracing in real-time.

GTA 4 Redux

The new version of GTA 4 Redux with support for modern technologies RTX showed on video in the full gameplay with the passage of one of the game missions. GTA IV game with the scene in the dark Liberty City received a plausible picture, which is now even more like a real New York at different times of the day. The shown version of GTA 4 for the PC uses several of the best mods for the game from enthusiasts, and the author of the video noted that he spent countless hours to achieve this quality graphics in GTA 4 and stable operation of the game.

Fans of GTA 4 were surprised to see what they saw and were under a strong impression. Many expressed the view that the company Rockstar, together with the updated GTA 5 should release and the official remaster of GTA IV on the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series with a similar level of graphics and support for modern technologies. Spectators noted a high degree of realism graphics in GTA 4 Redux, which in some frames looks very photorealistic.

GTA 4 Redux


The upcoming game GTA 6 is still a mystery for fans of the iconic series of games in the open world from Rockstar. So far, players do not even know where the future game will take place. In the numerous leaks and plums claimed that the project GTA VI will move gamers in Weiss City, but so far this data can not be considered reliable.

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