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Best Investments In GTA 5 Online

Best Investments In GTA 5 Online

The audience of GTA Online has not exhausted the desire to spend money beautifully and as effectively as possible, experimenting, for example, with the bombing. And where to find the money for such everyday things as helicopters, cars, weapons, after all, clothes, what is the best investments in GTA 5 online?

We notice right away: the ways are golden. or endless dead matches, which are already tired even for beginners, not even cooperative missions, because their price has long been inconsistent with the real prices on the market. There is no doubt: veterans know them, so we present them to players who do not have much experience in the local grind.

Double bonus

gta online best investments

The best investments in GTA 5 online is a Double bonus, very useful for young businessmen thing that makes all modes brighter and their passage more fun. To raise an extra penny it is worth clinging to the large events that offer double payment: premium races, a series of tasks bunker, tests for time. Robberies are considered the most profitable, but they are extremely rare: do not miss a chance if you can double the stolen cache.

The ability to double the prize is well combined with the following methods, allowing you to collect huge amounts of money – it’s only worth checking the bonus modes weekly.


gta online best investments Robbery
The potential gain for this investment  – 400 thousand dollars per hour. The plan will require an elite apartment, the cost of which is more than 200 thousand bucks, a small fee, and three good friends, who are ready to do everything quickly and without unnecessary noise.

Any elite apartment has a room in GTA 5 online, where you can choose one of the offered options for robbery. After choosing the desired place and paying the fee.

To support this investment we advise you to take the robbery of Pacific Standard at a difficult level of difficulty with adequate partners, at the end of a difficult mission to share the profit in favor of the host: 40% of the total cache against 20%, given to the other three – it will cover the cost of the host for the down payment and equally divide the lessons learned between the fighters.

Daily tasks

GTA Online Best Investments
Easy investments in GTA V online with the help of such a simple thing, you can earn 1.6 million per month, provided that the character has 15 ranks.

It is enough to perform three tasks each day, without interrupting once. In this case, the character will receive a large bonus for a seven-day haircut and additional encouragement for performing tasks within 28 days.

Premium Races

gta online best investments Premium Races
The prizes are always different: here profit-making and its size are determined by the player’s ability to navigate the track and come to the finish line first, for what to get more than 100 thousand dollars. Well, or at least second.

To participate in the premium races, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the current regime – every week it changes. Ideally: before the race, you should practice a little, study the track, and the vehicle offered in the Evening.

Boss Tests

gta online best investments Boss Tests

A good investment to spend time in case of waiting for a kuldaun hijacking or sale, allowing you to earn 150 thousand dollars per hour in GTA online. However, this requires becoming a boss, which can be done on the SecuroServ menu.

In the same place you should choose a tab with tests and choose something you like (of course, with a large prize pool). We pay attention to such modes as “Bounty Hunt” and “Robbery raid”. This is fun.

Production in Motoclub

gta online best investments Production in Motoclub
Best investments you can make80 thousand dollars per hour for having a Clubhouse (200 thousand dollars), own business (more expensive than 650 thousand), and the presidency in the club.

Being the president of the club, the player turns everything he did in the Bunker: he uses a local computer, choosing to purchase the material. Cocaine produced at the club is usually more expensive than other goods, but it is difficult to sell it because it takes a long time.

Production in Bunker

gta online best investments Production in Bunker

80 thousand dollars per hour for a Bunker (1.2 million).

The player needs to establish the production of goods in the Bunker, using the local computer. As part of the Delivery of Material, you should select Purchase by clicking on the appropriate item. In this case, the production will be completely passive.

The created product is sold with the help of a computer, but unlike the machinations with boxes and cars, it does not tolerate storage – there is a great risk of losing your investment in case of a raid.


gta online best investments Airfreight
150 thousand dollars per hour for the Angara (minimum price – 1.2 million).

Being the Chief or Boss at SecuroServ, we choose as the delivery of airfreight goods and the type of cargo. We carry out our mission by delivering boxes to the Hangar; after that, we sell the cargo in bulk. Adam advises you to stick to the same type of shipping and sell boxes in large stacks, remembering that the bonus for selling 50 boxes will be 75%.


gta online best investments CARS

GTA online best investments by making 300 thousand dollars per hour for the Office and Car Warehouse (1.5 million).

Being the Chief within the framework of SecuroServ, we use a computer in the office and arrange the theft, after which we carry out the mission very carefully, avoiding damage to your car: for a wrinkled bumper and scratches will have to pay a fair price.

It is worth filling your warehouse with twenty different models of standard and middle class, and then update the list of available hijackings – then each task will allow you to get an elite car. We advise you to grind on this very thing: when you steal a car for sale immediately, inviting friends to accelerate production.

Special cargoes

This investment a little less – 200 thousand dollars per hour for having its own Office (1 million) and Warehouse (250 thousand).

The scheme is simple: we enter the Services of SecuroServ and become the Chief of the organization or Boss. Then, in the Office, with the help of a computer, we buy as much Special Cargo as possible and carry out the mission to deliver the boxes to the Warehouse, beware of other players, and police officers. For a good job we call our friends: together we have fun, we are safer and, most importantly, we are faster.

Having bought a large number of boxes and dragged them to the Warehouse, it is worth making a wholesale sale, getting a noticeable benefit.

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