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May GTA$ Gift and Other New Bonuses

Rockstar announced many exciting new things in Grand Theft Auto Online for May, starting with a special gift of GTA$500,000. All you need to do to get your bonus GTA$ is play GTA Online at any point during the month of May. Within the next seven days after you play, your money will appear in your Maze Bank Account.

That’s only the start, however. Rockstar also revealed triple reward for all Business Battles, as well as double rewards for Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series and Special Cargo Sell Missions from now until May 6.

May 6 is also the last day for a chance to win the Pegassi Reaper from the Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel.

Finally, there are several big discounts this week:

  • 60% off Declasse Hotring Sabre
  • 40% off laser weapons (such as Up-N-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer, and Widowmaker)
  • 40% off Nightclubs
  • 40% off B-11 Strikeforce
  • 35% off Pegassi Oppressor
There are even more discounts available for players who link their GTA Online account to Twitch Prime, so if you haven’t played GTA Online in a while, this week is a perfect opportunity to jump back into it.

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