GTA 6 Houston

GTA 6 Houston

As fans theorize about the next Grand Theft Auto game, one of the most common questions is about where Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set. Many different cities have been suggested, but one that comes up regularly in Houston.

False rumors about a Grand Theft Auto Houston game have circulated a fair amount, with entire fake articles being written announcing it. It’s easy to see that for both rumors and hopes, setting GTA 6 in Houston is a popular idea.

Why Houston?

GTA 6 in Houston

Past Grand Theft Auto games have featured locations based on New York City (Liberty City), New Jersey (New Guernsey and Alderney), Miami (Vice City), Los Angeles (Los Santos), San Fierro (San Francisco), Las Vegas (Las Venturas), North Dakota (North Yankton), and a few others. As you can see, GTA games have gone all over the place, but we have yet to have one feature Texas.

A Houston counterpart for GTA 6 is popular for several reasons. For one thing, Houston is a huge city, one of the biggest in the country. It would provide a massive area for a game of GTA’s scope. It’s also home to the Johnson Space Center, the site of Mission Control for the space program. This opens up a lot of story potential, as a GTA 6 Houston could feature the Space Center as part of its plot and missions.

(Some fans want to straight-up travel into outer space in GTA, but maybe that’s taking it a bit far.)

The Deep South setting could also create a unique atmosphere not found in previous GTA games, and don’t forget that Houston also has bayous and other interesting geographic features. There are also oil tycoons, rodeos, and plenty of businesses to provide a wide variety of possible missions and gameplay experiences.

Houston is one of the most popular candidates for a future Grand Theft Auto City. What do you think? Is a Houston GTA 6 in the cards, or should GTA 6 pick a different location for its setting instead?

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