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GTA 5 Story Mode Money Cheat?

GTA 5 Story Mode Money Cheat

Grand Theft Auto has a history of including fun cheat codes for players to use, and the most recent entry in the series is no exception, which means one of the things fans tend to look for the most is a GTA 5 story mode money cheat. This sort of cheat lets you quickly earn in-game currency just by entering a code.

So, is there a GTA 5 story mode money cheat?

Unfortunately, no. Of course, that leads to another common question: why?

Grand Theft Auto last had actual money cheat in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which came out in 2006 for PSP and then in 2007 for the PS2. In that game, along with cheats to spawn weapons, change the weather, and so on, you can also enter a specific cheat code to get $250,000. That was the last time it appeared, however. GTA 4 came out a year later in 2008, and while it had plenty of fun cheat codes, it did not include a money cheat–a change that carried over to GTA 5.

GTA 5 Story Mode Money Cheat

Like with GTA 5 story mode money glitches and exploits were the only alternative players could use. Yet there’s no clear answer as to what caused the removal of the GTA story mode money cheat.

It’s been theorized that since GTA 5 has online features, including a stock market that changes based on the actions of other players, a money cheat might unbalance it. That might explain the whole thing. Even though GTA Online was only added with the newest entry, GTA 4 also had an online multiplayer mode that served as a predecessor for GTA Online. It’s no longer officially supported, but it allowed players to play against each other in multiplayer matches. Therefore it’s a safe bet that the introduction of online modes is why Grand Theft Auto money cheats vanished from the games, and it probably won’t return anytime soon.

If you’re looking for a GTA 5 money cheat, we’re afraid you won’t be able to find one. However, money glitches, money-making tricks, and even bonuses officially distributed by Rockstar can help fill the gap.

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