Glitch Granting Gamers Free Money In GTA Online

 Free Money In GTA Online

A GTA Online glitch is currently allowing players to stand up amounts of cash as there is a bonus present that is log-in paying gamers outside over and over again.

A range of GTA Online players has obtained the bonus a couple of distinct occasions — with a few reporting that they have managed to stand up at least $1,500,000 in bonus money.

“I just got the message 3 times rather than the cash,” mentioned Redditor Sandals-Lord, along with others saying they have received more messages than premiums. Sometimes it’s something as small as a t-shirt, a hat, or a weapon.


I’ve received the $500000 3 times now. from r/GrandTheftAutoV

Though, more frequently than not, it is a wad of money that will be paid to gamers Maze Bank accounts allowing them to spend it on anything they need. As part of a party that was new, the programmers gave each who logged in at any given moment throughout April that a bonus of $500,000, but it appears as a few have gotten.

As of writing, Rockstar has not yet addressed the matter but gamers that have not obtained the bonus will undoubtedly be hoping they are paid prior to the bonus period finishes.
Though, the only thing we could do is just wait and see exactly what the programmers do — make sure it a different log-in bonus or should they opt to give everybody free money to compensate for the mistake.

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