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GTA 6 Actors

GTA 6 Actors
Grand Theft Auto 6 match has been taking so much time to be developed because they’re so many talented actors that work on it as well as outstanding graphics.  For motion capture work has already posted on social media by motion capture artists. 
As all of us know, the voice actors of GTA 5 have attended a gaming series in Brazil known as the Brazil Game Show.  In that Show, Shwan reported that he is not engaged in GTA 6, and verified that from the interview.  But, Franklin said that he would love to work in GTA 6 and then GTA 6 became the subject of the interview. 
Strikingly, the GTA 6 actors announced the game will probably be released in May of 2020.  In GTA 6, we are going to see several characters from GTA 5 like  Lamar Davis who might have a major role in GTA 6.  He’s Franklin Clinton’s best friend.    He’s also known by his stage name” Slink Capone”.
The second character that will be in GTA 6 is Martin Madrazo. He doesn’ expire at the end of  GTA 5.  He performed as the head of his Mexican Drug trade, making him a wealthy man who’s conducting an illegitimate business. 
Our third Character in GTA 6 is Lazlo Jones.  He’s been in every Grand Theft Auto game since GTA 3.  He was in Vice City and San Andreas too.  He’s one of the funniest characters that we all like.  That’s why we’re quite sure he is going to be involved in the next game.  The Voice Actor of Lazlo Jones is Jeffrey Crawford Jones Who’s an American voice actor based in New York.  Additionally, He voices the same title in many GTA games.  
It is worth mentioning that he’d participate in the writing creation of the movie games Grand Theft Auto series.  It does not matter the character he or she plays.  It definitely going to be welcome he played only a background character. 
Both characters that we are sure they’ll be at the GTA 6 are Trevor and  Franklin.  Franklin can come back since he is the only one who remains alive in most endings.  And Trevor will expand his drug commerce.


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