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GTA 6 location ideas

gta 6 locations

Fans have been eagerly anticipating any ideas or statements about Grand Theft Auto 6 for quite a while. Thus far, Rockstar has stayed tight-lipped about a possible new entrance, like Grand Theft Auto 5 proceeds to get normal updates into its online manner. But, 1 enthusiast has produced a GTA 6 map containing all of the basic cities of this franchise, and the end result is really magnificent. 

It is shaped just like a rough approximation of the USA, setting each significant place roughly where its real-life counterpart is. Obviously, the notion of playing a map of the total United States is amazing, although imperfect.

Though GTA VI map theory itself is trendy, it probably will not be that near what sparks with Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar would need to make some significant sacrifices in every individual city to allow them all to be showcased. That would mean much less detail in every town, which would lead to some quite frustrated fans. 

Stranger things have happened, but a map of the complete United States is not a safe bet for your final game. Rumors have pointed to GTA 6 locations comprising three places, which is not as striking as the total US but if enough to take a game. While fans are becoming more stressed to get a new game, Rockstar is no stranger to taking large fractures between new titles. It is possible that something’s declared shortly, as it’s been quite a while since GTA 5 released, however, it’s also safe to assume that Rockstar will keep on upgrading Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online for now.

There are plenty of items Rockstar should comprise in GTA 6. For now, fans will just have to settle with replaying Grand Theft Auto 5, even though it’s clear that some might be getting tired of researching Los Santos. It has been almost seven years since the game originally introduced, therefore it is reasonable that fatigue could be setting in. Rockstar will not announce GTA 6 till it seems it is the ideal time, however, hopefully, this would be earlier rather than later.

gta 6 map ideas

In March of 2018, there was a massive rumor that has been dropped for Grand Theft Auto 6 which came from the media outlet that GTA 6 map ideas could take place in Vice  City and Sought America, features first female lead roles and could be released in 2022. 

But, Rockstar employee dropped a significant hint about GTA 6 location ideas on the website Glassdoor.  On that website, you need to verify yourself to write a review.   He says that Grand Theft Auto 6 could potentially feature three major cities, Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City.   
A few of the fans are not very satisfied with the news, because many of the players want a world map comprising all cities of the globe.  For instance, they could go to the Liberty City for packs then sell them in Vice City or Los Santos so that the player can travel across and revisit their favorite areas.

However, Vice City is not the only potential locale for the show’s next GTA 6 game.  Some reports assert that Grand Theft Auto 6 location may take place in Tokyo.  Rockstar workers allegedly took a research trip, though TechRadar claims the city’s roads were considered too confusing and that the possible location was scrapped.
London seems like an option – the original Grand Theft Auto got an expansion pack set from the city.  Even though Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser told Polygon that GTA’s  DNA is modern: America-ish.

All this indicates that the GTA 6 location will probably be in America and that visiting the east does not make any sense.  Moreover, Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, says Creating Grand Theft Auto 6 in modern times would be so difficult, America itself is entirely different because of coronavirus issue. It is obviously easier to go back to some time such as the 1980s, where everything is set in stone.  

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