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How to Get $2 Million for Free in GTA Online

How to Get $2 Million for Free in GTA Online

  There is a lot you can do in Grand Theft Auto Online, in addition to a lot you can purchase to be able to do many more things. Obviously, this means players need to be aware of just how much in-game money they have and work out the way to earn a bit more until they tack on matters such as prohibitively costly supercars. Money is not free from GTA Online, except as it’s.

For a party of those landmarks, Rockstar is giving off a massive number of free virtual cash to all players, the newest of GTA Online’s occasional limited-time cash giveaways. From now, January 30, to the Wednesday, February 5, players will get $1 million only for logging-in.

And it is not just GTA Online players that are getting brand new freebies. Similar marketing can be in effect for everybody who logs into Rockstar’s other huge online name, Red Dead Online, which also saw record player participation a month. Like GTA Online, this really is Happening in two-week-long

How to Get $2 Million for Free in GTA Online

“With two different worlds living and flourishing, we’re extremely blessed to have such a dedicated fanbase that travels with us on this trip as continue to evolve and expand with new kinds of gameplay, fresh tales and even more to encounter within the upcoming year,” Rockstar said. These games will probably evolve and have not yet been shown, but Rockstar has indicated that there might be a complete year of upgrades intended for GTA Online during 2020.

While this will definitely be great news for people who’ve been appreciating GTA Online and don’t have any plans to stop playing anytime soon, it might be bad news for people awaiting Grand Theft Auto 6. Phases, with players getting free weapons and countless bullets throughout the first week, followed with a free bounty hunter permit, bolas, and arrows during the next week.

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